Midwest Monsters Episode 100 - The “A Nightmare on Elm Street” Franchise: A Revisit Special

September 15, 2017

We went back to Haddonfield and Camp Crystal Lake, so naturally it’s time to return to Springwood for our 100TH EPISODE! We are very excited, not only to reach triple digit shows but also to examine this franchise again. Some of the Grizz and I’s opinion were contested by others, including our three co-hosts joining this time around. As previously performed, we cover each entry with reassessments from the Grizz and Wagstaff as well as opinions from Vinny, Todd and Rybones. It has been quite a fun ride getting here with you all and this episode is no exception as we had such a fun time recording. Sure, it got a little heated at times – but passionate fandom will do that. Thank you for riding with us this far. We sincerely appreciate your support. Now go write us a review on iTunes! We hope you enjoy the show which is now available on iTunes, podbean, mixcloud and our blog.


Midwest Monsters Episode 99 - The Friday the 13th Franchise: A Revisit Special

September 1, 2017

On the last episode we returned to Haddonfield and now its time to head back for some summer antics, premarital sex, partying and camping at Camp Crystal Lake. Like before, we run through all of the franchise entries as Grizzly and Wagstaff reassess their opinions, while Vinny, Todd, and Rybones share theirs. Now available on iTunes, podbean, mixcloud and our blog. We hope you enjow the sh-sh-sh-show!